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PDX10 - Suite 130 The project involves several key tasks to enhance the facility. Beginning with the demolition of the existing HVAC distribution and downstream electrical (Busbar), the plan includes designing and installing a new HVAC distribution system to align with the updated layout. The suite will undergo necessary remediation and restoration, addressing aspects such as flooring and paint. A comprehensive review of the VESDA layout will be conducted, exploring potential relocations to optimize cabinet count. Humidification will be upgraded to in-room humidifiers, and the RTU's SOO will be enhanced for improved dehumidification. The removal of the existing MUA/Split DX rooftop Unit aims to enhance Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Additional improvements encompass the replacement of ceiling tile/grid, a thorough review and upgrade of the Building Management System (BMS) to DLR standards, and coordination with the Colo Design team for layout and design considerations. Furthermore, the project includes ladder conveyance for fiber and the installation of new Remote Power Panels (RPPs). This comprehensive approach ensures a modernized and efficient facility in line with the latest standards and design considerations.

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