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HOF - A forward-thinking approach to housing development in Dubai that utilizes modular 3D printing, 
customizable permeable facades, and three scales of deployment, the design addresses varying u
rban conditions and promotes a sustainable, adaptable, and community-centric living environment allowing for flexible development in the dynamic city of Dubai. The rapidly evolving urban landscape of Dubai necessitates a re-imagining of housing solutions that integrate technology, sustainability, and adaptability. The proposal explores sustainable methods and modular housing via 3D printing to create customizable housing units featuring permeable and operable facade screens. The design aims to accommodate varying urban fabric conditions through three scales of deployment. Modular 3D printing allows for efficient and precise construction, with the potential for sustainable sourced raw and recycled material as the extrusion mixture. The proposal utilizes a combination of recycled brine water from Dubai’s desalination plants as an additional ingredient to cementitious Karshif. 

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